Plenish Cleanse

Plenish Cleanse is a brand new raw juice cleanse concept, unlike any other to hit the streets of London to help give people the energy to tackle day to day life. It also offers a holistic approach to cleansing, by providing full nutritional packages which personalizes each individual offering.

The cold raw juice company is the first cold pressed juice company in the UK to use a special hydraulic cold press imported from the United States with organic ingredients (soon to be certified by the Soil Association). Unlike most juices in the market, who literally cook the juice, to ensure longer shelf-life, Plenish Cleanse maintains the integrity of the juices by avoiding pasteurization to provide RAW, organic, juices free from wheat, gluten and all processed sugars and stabalizers.

Why Cleanse?

Cleansing is a healthy form of routine maintenance allowing your digestive system and liver the rest it needs in order to release accumulated toxins. By increasing the organic and raw vegetable and fruit juices you consume while eliminating processed sugars, dairy, coffee and alcohol, meat and too much cooked food, you shift from an acidic interior to an oxygen-drenched alkaline one which will reduce inflammation, ward of dis-ease and boost immunity and health.

Brought to the UK by native New Yorker, Kara Rosen, Plenish Cleanse was founded out of frustration over the lack of good quality raw, organic juices (and cleanses) readily available in the UK. After splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles  – the ‘market leaders’ in raw, cold pressed juices, Kara was inspired to create an organic juice company that harnessed the best of her favourite juices from coast to coast.

Lifestyle Choice

Plenish Cleanse is not only a planned cleansing programme but can also fit into your everyday routine. The innovative brand has developed ‘tasting flights” for those who would like the extra nutrients but would prefer to stick to their normal dietary routine – making Plenish Cleanse a lifestyle choice.

Plenish Cleanse is suited for any situation, whether it’s to get in shape for a holiday, detox after times of indulgence or give your body the nutrients it needs before and after fitness.

Plenish Cleanse is available for sale at and will soon be available at premium fitness studios throughout London.