Created by one of the world’s few female Master Distillers, Joanne Moore, BLOOM is based on a traditional London Dry Gin recipe with an innovative and distinctive floral twist. Frederik Kampman, International Brands Development Manager, tells us more about Bloom’s unique flavour and its ambitions for future growth.

With a history dating back to 1761, G&J Greenall has evolved from its beginnings as a cottage industry to become Britain’s second largest gin distillery. Indeed, today G&J produces about seven million 9L cases of spirit on an annual basis and has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the world’s leading distillers and bottlers of super premium quality gin. It is against this rich backdrop that Bloom was created, inspired by the classic aromas of England’s country gardens and wildflower fields.

The perfect blend

The delicacy of English natural botanicals, such as honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo is prized the world-over, as Frederik begins by explaining the inspiration behind Joanne Moore’s innovative work on Bloom. “Joanne created the G&J Greenall Gin Wheel, which defines the flavour profile of the different products within the gin sector. She noticed a gap in the floral category with most gins falling in the spicy, fruity category. With a passion for new blends, she decided to explore the creation of a super premium floral gin”.

As any super premium drinks brand understands only too well, reflecting the quality of the product in the bottle and packaging is integral to success – a fact that Bloom executed to great impact. “The branding of BLOOM is inspired by the English country garden. The detail on the neck of the bottle is reminiscent of an old wrought iron fence, whilst the detail of the botanicals down the side of the bottle illustrates the key botanicals used to create this delicate floral gin.

“Furthermore, the embossed 1761 date, crest and traditional tinted green glass communicate the history and heritage of the brand perfectly,” he affirms. “BLOOM gives consumers a lighter gin drinking experience and, as such, has been popular with both men and women. Our priority from the outset was to ensure that we were listed in premium key on- and off-trade accounts, such as London’s Corinthia Hotel ( and Waitrose”.

Experiential activity

Given the luxury market’s robustness in the face of the well-documented recession, brands like Bloom continue to innovate to stay ahead of the competition with experiential activity to drive home its strength and versatility. “This summer we activated a campaign to introduce and showcase the brand as well as to educate consumers on how we recommend drinking BLOOM – a Bloom Gin & Tonic with strawberries,” Frederik highlights.

As its website quite rightly states, “Many would consider the opportunity to Pick Your Own strawberries a rural idyll and one far removed from the urban metropolis of London”. However, as Frederik continues by telling us, BLOOM wanted to bring the uncomplicated charm of the British countryside to the capital. “The objective of the activity was to encourage sampling of the product and the reception from our target audience was overwhelming. Indeed, we will be continuing to roll this activity out across the country to build even greater awareness of BLOOM”.

Booming and Blooming

Much like its not-too-distant cousin, super premium gin is booming in a similar way to super premium vodka – a fact that Frederik attributes to three main factors. “Firstly, consumers are becoming more selective with what they are drinking and developing more of an interest behind the history of the brand. Secondly, the ‘human interest’ angle of smaller, independent businesses and distilleries is attractive to the media and consumers, which has really helped to fuel interest in the gin sector as a whole.

“Lastly, the unique botanicals and flavours used to create bespoke gin have attracted bartenders as it allows them to be creative in their serves,” he affirms. “The botanicals in BLOOM can add huge depth to the most simple of cocktails. “The elements that I would attribute to the success of our brand would be the unique blend of botanicals created by Joanne Moore, inspired by the quintessential English country garden as well as the heritage and history of the G&J Greenall name.

“In terms of markets, the UK, Spain and USA are the most popular,” Frederik admits. “Indeed, Spain is our biggest market with a national on-trade distribution in over 2,500 on-trade and 200 off-trades, including the premium department store, El Corte Ingles. In the USA, our current focus is on San Francisco as a lighthouse strategy for the on-trade. Further to this, we have recently signed a new off trade distribution deal extending our availability to 13 states”.

The future experience

With more than 250 years of distilling experience, BLOOM is the perfect example of how innovation breeds success, as Frederik is keen to emphasise. “Joanne continues to adopt the traditional method of the company’s rich distilling experience; Bloom is a small batch gin crafted in a copper pot. As a company, G&J are continuing to push the boundaries of gin with innovative new recipes that never compromise on quality.

“Indeed, we are currently working on some very exciting initiatives for the years ahead,” he concludes by noting. “In 12 months time, we want as many consumers as possible to have sampled BLOOM, either by having enjoyed a cocktail in one of the premium bars and restaurants where we are currently stocked or by making their own BLOOM & Tonic with strawberries at home after buying a bottle from Waitrose of other specialist retailers”.

Having sampled the delights of this super premium floral gin, we can confirm the quality and delicate flavours of BLOOM. With the heritage and history of G&J Greenall behind it, we’re predicting a blooming marvellous future for Joanne, Frederik and the rest of the team at BLOOM.

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